The company DE NARDI from Campolongo Sul Brenta (VI), manufacturer of plants for drying, vaporizing and for the heat treatment of wood, is on the market with products of high quality and reliability result of twenty years of experience.
This allows meeting the expectations of customers always with new, complete and efficient solutions.
Strong point of DE NARDI is the internal production department equipped with technically advanced equipment resulting in large market competitiveness because of the reduced delivery times and increase of quality standards.
Thanks to a team of people working in the industry since many years, and therefore highly specialized, De Nardi’ s Tradition and Innovation combine to offer its customers not just answers but immediate, precise and targeted Pre and After-Sale Service.
The possibility, in order to perform an excellent drying, to have an automatism always able to control all stages of the cycle is essential. DE NARDI, thanks to the experience gained in all these years, is able to provide control systems of high quality and reliability with the possibility of telematics assistance all over the world.
Great importance is given, like it is now in all fields, to the issues of energy saving and eco-sustainability, a combination that De Nardi has been pursuing since many years thanks for example to the use of heat recovery systems (heat recovery units) that allow a saving of thermal energy that can vary, depending on the type of wood and the outside climate, from 18 to 25%.