A dryer unit entirely in stainless steel and aluminium, enabling thermomodification of the wood at temperatures as high as 230°C, thus changing several physical characteristics, such as colour, hardness, hygroscopic behaviour and durability.
With this type of treatment it is possible to obtain:

  • a dark and even wood colour;
  • a material resistant to deterioration (useful in case of garden furniture) without the use of chemical treatments (which are not always tolerated);
  • a more stable material and less sensitive to variations in ambient humidity.

The main uses are:

  • outdoor furniture;
  • inside and outside finishing elements;
  • coverings for saunas, bathrooms and edges of pools;
  • floors,
  • door and window frames.

For the dealer or the manufacturer of wooden elements, the most interesting aspect is the enhancement of the material handled, allowing:

  • a higher selling price, thanks to the improved quality;
  • elimination of defects in colour and appearance of the material due to sapwood or other decolouration;
  • the use of materials easy to obtain locally, instead of expensive imported quality materials;

Treatment consists of three main stages:

  • wood drying at near-zero humidity;
  • high temperature heat treatment;
  • final conditioning and cooling.